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Have a Lump Sum Pension Buyout from Ford, GM, or FCA? Do This, Not That!

Are you an autoworker with a lump sum pension buyout offer from Ford, General Motors, or Fiat Chrysler? This easy to read guide will help you in your decision of taking the lump sum pension versus the lifetime payments. Beyond that, there are other major decisions you face in retirement that this book will introduce you to in an easy to understand way. As you approach retirement, you may find the financial planning aspect to be much more daunting than you ever anticipated. All of a sudden, you're forced to answer questions you haven't really thought about, and to be quite honest, might not be fully educated on.

Questions like:

  • Do I take the lifetime pension or the lump sum?
  • If I take the lump sum, how should it be invested to meet my goals?
  • How do I invest my 401(k) when I retire?
  • When do I take my social security?
  • How do I find a financial advisor to help with all of this?

These are not your typical everyday decisions. These are decisions that you need to take your time with and make sure you fully understand your options. This book is written in terms that a newcomer to finance can understand by taking a complicated topic and making it accessible to everyone, while not diluting the message.

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