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Your Success Is Our Motivation

Your Success Is Our Motivation

We built our advisory with a single goal in mind: to help those who need it most. Assisting others is not only our calling but what drives us daily to learn more, do more, and be the best in the business. We humbly invite you to explore our clients' stories and hope to discuss your financial goals soon.

Real stories from real people, just like you.

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"Experience with the automotive industry was a reason why I recommend your firm to a coworker.  My expectations were exceeded when RW Paul made the retirement process much easier than expected. The staff at RW Paul make me feel important and valued."

- Ray C, Client

"We were seeking a financial planner, who acts as a fiduciary, to work with as we moved into retirement. The advisors that we have worked with have been very knowledgeable.  They listened to our desires and concerns, reviewed our financial situation and developed a workable plan that allowed us to retire."

"I would recommend RW Paul & Assoc. for the following reasons:

  1. Our advisors listen to our retirement 'wants' and worked out a realistic plan to make them happen.
  2. The advisors are very knowledgeable and they are capable of explaining investments and issues in an understandable way.
  3. The support staff is competent and very well organized.
  4. When other services were needed, their recommendations were very good.
  5. I feel secure as we move through our retirement."

- Raymond Z, Client

"Very informative and honest. You treat me like family and have my individual interests kept in mind."

- B. D., Client

“ [Our advisors] Steve, Matt and Matt have been so helpful and helped put our minds at ease. [They provide] personal attention and the sense that you have our best interests in mind.”

- Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth K, Clients

"I wanted to put into place a plan that would support me in my later years with enough for health care and a comfortable living. My advisor has always been available to answer questions in a timely manner and I've received great attention considering my smaller account. The office staff has always been courteous and receptive to helping me when I called in or stopped by."

- George G, Client

"Excellent and always helpful. [They] take the time to answer all questions regarding the situations that come up. Highly recommend."

- Bob K, Client

"I’ve been pleased with my experience with all associates of your firm. Personal and feel as you truly care about your clients as more than simply a customer."

- Bruce, Client

"Extremely caring and concerned about my needs and finding a way to meet those. Just an outstanding group of people who are well-trained and most of all listen to their clients. You will find no one better for protecting your income for retirement."

- J T S, Client

"[Our advisors are] levelheaded, listen well, articulate, realistic, and knowledgeable. I’ve worked with both Steve Paul and Matt Dombrowski. Both are very capable and both are very helpful in giving guidance to our overall plan that doesn’t even involve financial assets held by RWP (ie: MESP, long term care insurance, trust, etc.).

RWP has created a very solid financial plan that we are extremely confident in.  Our advisor has always listened to our crazy ideas without judgement and provided guidance that is realistic.  They have been very honest in what they will do and what they will not do in terms of aggressively pursuing your financial goals. RWP has provided guidance beyond those assets for which they are responsible for. I feel they care about our overall financial well being (retirement, various insurance needs, medical well being, living trust, long term care, and our dreams) and provided confidence in our overall plan, thus removing the stress we felt.”"

- KJH, Client

"Very knowledgeable and personable. Family atmosphere."

- Alan S, Client

"Tried other financial advisors in the past found them to stand-offish or only wanted to promote  investment programs that offered them greater personal returns. [Our advisor is] cooperative, empathetic and concerned with our future land."

- Gary A, Client

"Knowledgeable [and] able to dumb it down for simple folks. They were able to prepare a roadmap to figure out where we [were] at and where we want to be. Support staff have all been very friendly and knowledgeable."

- Patric H, Client

"Easy to work with, helpful, and knowledgeable. I feel like I’m working with people I can trust. All of Richard Paul’s associates are reliable people who seem to genuinely want to help. "

- Laura R, Client

“[Matt is] very savvy in the financial world, but personal when working closely with [him]. [I recommend RWP] because of the no pressure tactics used by other financial planners, and the variety of funds available to us.”

- Mike R, Client

"Knowledgeable, empathetic, and professional. Took the time to understand our desires, risk tolerance, and tailor recommendations that work for us."

- Nick and Kathy L, Clients


- Michael S, Client

"Friendly and informed. Able to explain all elements of our plan."

- Dave, Client

"Professional staff that’s very approachable. Very knowledgeable and most of all they listen and support our goals."

- Curt M, Client

"[Bepin] has been outstanding and very easy to communicate with. Feels like family and the wife and I feel secure knowing we are in good hands."

- Jeffrey G, Client

"Professional, informed, and helpful. You are responsive and provide services quickly"

- Tom K, Client

"[Our advisor] is wonderful.  Very informative and helpful."

- Lynn R, Client

"Very knowledgeable, great follow up, no pressure."

- Tom V, Client

"Excellent. Very personable and easy to work with. Very open and willing to provide advice based on our needs. We are very satisfied with our choice to go with RW Paul as we get into our next phase of life."

- Mark B, Client

"[My advisor is] understanding of my needs and competent at what they do. I have always felt [RWP] has understood our risk tolerance and made appropriate recommendations that turned out pretty much as discussed. "

- Mr. A, Client

Friendly and competent. We felt confident Rich was a wise investor and took time with us to determine our needs.  He made logical recommendations and we have recommended three of our friends to your office.”

- Jim and Denise, Clients

"I love working with Matt. He is always nice. Goes out of his way. I know about saving but nothing about investing. I don't worry because I have trust with him and the organization. I don't feel like a number. It's about customer service and trust and you guys have that. "

- Tracy F, Client

"You have handled my family accounts for a long time and have been great. Don't ever change your attitudes toward your clients."

- Papa Joe N, Client

“Both Richard and Matthew Paul have been very professional in overseeing our account. We have recommended your organization to others because you listened to us any provided a conservative program for our retirement savings. I want to thank Richard Paul and Associates for being our financial planner since 1991. You have been a blessing.”

- Marty & Judy S, Clients

"Very friendly [and] very personable; made us feel comfortable in our investments. My retirement account is guaranteed for life which gives me peace of mind. I trust my financial advisor Matt D for good advice."

- Mac and Cindy M, Clients

"Helpful and friendly"

- Mark R, Client


Retirement lifestyle is in your hands, but it will take planning to get you to where you want to be.
Hope is not a very reliable strategy, so if you want to own your future, you must begin to plan for

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