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According to Dr. Wade Pfau from The American College1, there are seven risks retirees face. 

1 Dr. Wade Pfau. Retirement Researcher. “The Changing Risks of Retirement.” Accessed September 12, 2019 

  1. Inflation 
  2. Longevity 
  3. Long-term illness 
  4. Rising health care costs 
  5. Changes in government programs 
  6. Death of a spouse 
  7. Sequence of returns 

Our advisors are equipped to help you plan for a successful retirement. Using our proprietary  RWP Retirement Roadmap process,  we can build a custom plan that helps you work toward your ideal retirement. It is designed to help our clients achieve simplicity & confidence during their retirement years. It's focused around the 5 key areas of your financial life.


We'll help ensure your expenses can be paid month to month with reliability and predictability for the rest of your life. This includes:  

  • Social Security Maximization  
  • Income & Expense Analysis  
  • Inflation Plan  
  • Spousal Plan  
  • Longevity Protection  


Once your income plan is established, we will create an investment plan for the remaining assets that you do not need to draw from month to month. This includes:  

  • Assessing your Risk Tolerance  
  • Adjusting your portfolio to reduce fees  
  • Volatility Control  
  • Evaluate ways to reduce risk while still accomplishing your goals  
  • Comprehensive Institutional Money Management


Any comprehensive Retirement Plan will include a strategy for decreasing tax liabilities. This includes:  

  • Assessing the taxable nature of your current holdings  
  • Strategizing ways to include tax-deferred or tax-free money in your plan  
  • Stretch IRA Planning 
  • Strategize which tax category to draw income from first to reduce tax burden  
  • Leverage your qualified money to potentially leave tax-free dollars to your beneficiaries 


We will create a plan to help you protect yourself against rising healthcare costs, including:  

  • Looking at all aspects of Medicare, Parts A, B and D  
  • Analyzing options for a Long-Term Care Plan  


It is important to ensure your hard-earned assets go to your beneficiaries in the most tax efficient manner. By working collaboratively with a qualified Estate Planning Attorney, our goal will be to help you:  

  • Protect any assets in trust and ensure they are distributed to your beneficiaries probate free  
  • Protect your IRAs from becoming fully taxable to your beneficiaries upon your death  
  • Maximize your estate and income tax planning opportunities 


Retirement lifestyle is in your hands, but it will take planning to get you to where you want to be.
Hope is not a very reliable strategy, so if you want to own your future, you must begin to plan for

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