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The Autoworker’s Guide to Lump Sum Pensions

You may be emotionally ready to retire, but are you financially ready?

As you approach retirement after a long career in the auto industry, you may find the financial planning aspect to be more daunting than you anticipated. All of a sudden, you’re forced to answer questions about your pension, like:

  • Should I take the lifetime income, or the lump sum?
  • How do I invest my other assets for retirement?
  • When do I take Social Security?
  • And how do I find a qualified advisor to help navigate through all of this?

That is why we wrote “The Autoworker’s Guide to Lump Sum Pensions.”

“Rich and Steve do a great job explaining a complex topic in an easy to understand way. Retirees of the Big Three (automakers) have several tough questions to answer at retirement, and this book takes an unbiased approach in explaining the various options retirees have.”
– Mike Sorrentino, CFA

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