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Things to Know for Younger Investors

Most people don’t really get serious about their finances until they are well out of college, but the sooner you begin establishing strong financial habits, the better position you’ll be in for retirement.

Today we’re going to share some tips for younger investors to help ensure that you’re doing everything you can to set yourself up for success in the future. From investment strategies and a mind-blowing paper-folding analogy, we’ll share practical guidance that anyone can benefit from.

We put the spotlight on tax-smart investing, highlighting the diverse benefits of 401(k)s, Roth IRAs, and the often-overlooked HSA with its triple tax advantage. Don't forget, that starting early is your ticket to maximizing these accounts' potential. We’ll also have a frank discussion on the crippling effect of debt, especially the high-interest kind, underscoring the necessity of a solid debt management plan. Plus, we’ll cover commonly overlooked areas of planning like tax planning and insurance.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

0:00 – Intro

2:33 – Set goals and stick to them

4:51 – Paper folding analogy

7:15 – Save & diversify

10:44 – Tax planning

14:26 – Pay down debt

16:07 – Insurance